50HP Farm Tractor Usage Deep Loosening Cultivator

50HP Farm Tractor Usage Deep Loosening CultivatorProduct Description Deep Loosening Machine is a kind of farming machinery that is used in conjunction with large horsepower tractors. It is mainly used for mechanized turning of deep soil tillage between rows or in all directions. The use of subsoiling machine is conducive to improving the structure of the plough layer. breaking the plow bottom. improving the ability of soil water storage and soil moisture conservation. and promoting grain growth. Deep Loosening CultivatorNo.ModelMatching PowerDeep deep Cultivator Tines' structureNumber of Tines (pcs)Weight (kg)Working Depth(mm)Working Width(mm)Dimension (mm)1W1SQ-75-A≥36.8All-aroundCurved surfaceTine234030-357501150*1350*13402W1SQ-180-A≥73.5451030-3518001710*2330*13403W1SQ-280-A≥99.2669030-3528002040*3230*14304W1SQ-190-A≥91.9490030-5019001670*2600*16705W1SQ-300-A≥117.66162030-5030001920*3720*16706W1SQZ-410-A≥154.48300030-5041002340*4780*1720Our advantages1. There are imported omni directional deep shovels. which use of special heat treatment technology. with good wear resistance. long service life.2. The surface of subsoiling shovel is scientifically optimized and its subsoiling resistance is small.3. There are safety bolts. when encountering hard objects and tree stumps. cut safety bolts to avoid damaging subsoiling machines or tractors.4. The deep shovel shovel is symmetrical before and after wearing. and it can be used in turn when it is worn. It prolongs the service life of the deep shovel.5. The omnidirectional surface subsoiling shovel does not turn over the soil. the surface is smooth. and the soil moisture preservation effect is good.6. Repression of the flat surface does not destroy the surface and is conducive to soil moisture conservation.7. The subsoiling shovel is divided into three rows (two rows) before and after the passage.Photos


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